Supporters of the Appeal

The Jubilee Yacht Appeal (or rather the “YACHT or NOT” appeals) would not have been possible without the generous support of the following organisations and individuals who provided the infrastructure, guidance, encouragement and sheer hard work to turn the vague idea of a People’s tribute to HM The Queen into its current form:

Charities Aid Foundation ( CAF helped with the charity registation and secure bank accounts for this appeal and supported this idea from an early stage. Without their support this People’s Appeal would simply not have happened. A big “Thank You” for giving this appeal a chance.

A list of Bronze (£100), Silver (£500) and Gold (£1000) appeal sponsors will be published shortly.
Please contact us if you want to be included in this list of corporate supporters.

We will soon reach out to schools for support with the Jubilee Yacht appeal.
Please contact us if you love the idea and wish to be part of this unique Diamond Jubilee tribute to our Queen.
There will be opportunities for pupils to take part in design competitions (eg. life jackets, cushions) and writing and naming competitions – with hopefully amazing prizes.

www.£.com (Appeal Support)
ANY-Web Ltd (Webhosting) (Social Media Engagement) (Appeal Advice) / Polestar Digital Media Ltd (Appeal Spokesperson) (PR)
Millbrook Design (Appeal materials)
NEX AG (Webhosting Support and Technical Advice) (Team Group UK – Marketing)
Root And Branch Consultancy (Strategic Advice)
Tallowin Business Engineering (Website Design)
Whois Search (Website Design)
… full list coming soon …

Granny Sue (for the initial encouragement and for reminding us to do everything “in the best possible taste”)
Simon (for everything – and for reminding us to make the yacht relevant for young people too)
Rod (for everything – and for persevering come rain come shine. Thank you.)
Andrew (for everything – and for some particularly ingenious ideas)
THE Paul (for insisting on what the fundraising/charity days on the yacht should be all about)
Paul K. (for turning the Jubilee Yacht Appeal into the “YACHT OR NOT” Appeal)
Lesley (for turning the “YACHT OR NOT” Appeal into the “YACHT OR NOT – WOT???” Appeal)
Jimmy (for saying “I would like to just TOUCH this yacht with my hand”, thus turning it into a “People’s Yacht”)
Huw D. (for being soooo negative that it spurred us on to overcome all the obstacles)
Bob (for a first £1 donation at exactly the right time)
Derek (for a £1 donation at the right time)
John (for a £1 donation and for encouragement)
Anne (for putting the above £1 donations into a pot and for getting us local feedback about the appeal)
Roy (for support, encouragement, a shoulder and a donation at the right time)
Vicky (for keeping everything running smoothly)
Angus (for recommending the Charities Aid Foundation to help with the charity registration)
Ian (for great ideas and feedback for the appeal)
Elaine (for being a first-rate spokesperson and for keeping the appeal going)
Angie (for providing her team and technical infrastructure to the appeal)
Maryanne (for speaking up for this appeal and giving us a chance – no appeal without you)
Henry N. (for marketing advice and great ideas)
SF (for saying “I’d rather support the YACHT appeal – much more fun!” – priceless)
MG (for looking like a bemused schoolmaster when being told about the appeal)
Elizabeth (for amazing encouragement and support throughout the appeal – a big thank you)
Amanda (for giving us hope that the appeal would be taken seriously by the Press)
Jason (for invaluable advice on what might work for the appeal)
Heather (for telling us to ask the WI and the British Legion for help with this appeal – soon)
Patricia (for confidence and support)
Grandpa G. (for saying “this MIGHT just work!” when told about the appeal – priceless)
Christabel (for encouragement and advice)
Adriano (for encouragement and outstanding ideas)
Alastair (for ideas and suggestions and for being a wall to bounce ideas off)
Howard (for challenging us by sending the first cheque for the appeal)
Pepi (for helpful suggestions and ideas on how to proceed next)
Romey (for a generous donation and much needed moral support)
Peter (for being sceptical and forcing us to ask ourselves various hard questions)
Robin (for unblocking things when it really mattered)
Dominic (for moral support and encouragement and an opportunity to present the appeal)
Richard H. (for excellent suggestions on how to make the public aware of the appeal)
Eileen (for encouragement and great ideas)
Lynn (for an invaluable introduction)
Amy (for opening her address book)
Nicky (for her appeal video)

John H., Pennsylvania: for our first US donation, which gave the team the courage to carry on with this appeal.
An unnamed UK donor: for our first £1000 donation, which gave us a terrific boost.
… and thanks to all those tweeting about the Jubilee Yacht Appeal and following us.