Michael Gove Letter

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The campaign for a new Jubilee Yacht started in early January 2012 following newspaper reports of a confidential letter to fellow ministers
by Michael Gove MP, the Secretary of State for Education:

15th January 2012

The Guardian 15/01/2012
Exclusive: Give Queen a new royal yacht for diamond jubilee, says Michael Gove

16th January 2012

The Guardian 16/01/2012
New royal yacht proposal backed by David Cameron

BBC News 16/01/2012
New yacht for Queen’s jubilee, suggests Michael Gove

The Telegraph 16/01/2012
David Cameron: ‘taxpayers will not pay for new Queen jubilee yacht’

Sky News 16/01/2012
PM Rejects Taxpayer-Funded Royal Yacht Plan

Daily Mail 16/01/2012
‘The haves and have yachts': Clegg blasts Gove’s call for a new royal ship for the Queen as a Jubilee present

The Guardian 16/01/2012
Downing Street rejects diamond jubilee royal yacht idea

Channel 4 16/01/2012
New royal yacht ‘not appropriate’ says Cameron

The Independent 16/01/2012
Gove: Queen deserves £60m yacht for Jubilee

20th Janaury 2012

The Guardian 20/12/2012
Lord Ashcroft offers to pay £5m towards royal yacht

21st January 2012

The Guardian 21/01/2012
New royal yacht: how ‘spontaneous’ calls for relaunched Britannia were carefully stage-managed
A new royal yacht? A very British way to waste money

Daily Express 21/01/2012
Richard & Judy: Our Wonderful monarchy deserves a new Royal Yacht

Michael Gove Letter

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