Help the Appeal

If – like us – you would like to show your appreciation for 60 years of service to the Nation and the Commonwealth by the Queen, you may wonder where you can make a contribution to a Diamond Jubilee gift.

Contributions come in many guises – but whatever you do, please help turn this into a true People’s appeal !

  1. Make a Donation to the “Jubilee Yacht” fund
    If all of us in the UK donate just £1 of our money (the loose change in our pockets – less than it costs to buy a greeting card or a packet of cigarettes) we can collect £60m to purchase or lease a suitable yacht for our Queen.
    A “People’s Yacht” partly for Her Majesty’s pleasure but mostly for the use of the charities of which the Royal Family are patrons – for fundraising purposes and raising awareness of their causes. A Charity Yacht.
  2. Make a Donation to the “NOT the Yacht” fund
    You do not like the idea of a Yacht but would like to contribute to a gift to the Queen?
    The NOT The Yacht fund collects donations by the people where all funds donated will go to UK charities
    nominated by HM the Queen at the end of the appeal. It will be in her discretion whether the money raised
    will go to one of the over 600 charities of which she is patron for a special project, or whether the
    funds will be split among several charities.
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  7. Put us in touch with any celebrities you think might be supportive of this appeal and whose contact details you have
  8. Please point out any factual errors on our website or any inappropriate comments on other websites

We will also list “official” appeals by the government, the Royal Household or individual newspaper groups on this website, as soon as we become aware of them.
If you have any suggestions please contact us or leave a comment on Facebook – we need you!