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The following comments about the Jubilee Yacht Appeal have been taken from online discussion forums:

“I don’t think it hurts us too much to say thank you, to the tune of a massive £1 per person….”

Posted by Roo

“If everyone in the UK donated as little as £1, we’d be pretty much there. We could always gift aid our donations”

Posted by Ariam

“I think £1 per head is what’s required. I’m good for a fiver”

Posted by Baff

“All in all a gift for HM from the members of Commonwealth and their people would be a great project. I say, enable donations from private citizens via a website where small donations are made possible. I for one would gladly contribute for a privately funded yacht to celebrate the jubilee year of our Queen”

Posted by PSM

“I would consider making a small donation myself. They could even make a small certificate for people who make a donation with the Jubilee logo or something like that”

Posted by memememe

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