FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Jubilee Yacht Appeal?
We would like to raise £60m to buy a yacht for charitable use as a tribute to HM The Queen on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee. A surprise gift from all of us who love and respect her (Sshh! Don't tell the Queen - keep Ma'am!).

Why is this appeal also called the YACHT or NOT appeal?
There are two options to donate - either to a yacht for HM The Queen and the charities of which is Patron (YACHT) or to a fund for HM The Queen to donate to charitable causes or the charities of which she is Patron (NOT the Yacht).
So people have to ask themselves the question: Are you YACHT or NOT?

What is your Vision for the Yacht?
Imagine a yacht that is used by The Queen and her family privately for 60 days of the year (one day for each year of her Diamond Jubilee). For the remaining days of the year it would be a charity yacht - a People's Yacht.
Imagine such a charity day on the yacht, raising funds and awareness for a particular cause:
bringing together existing donors with prospective donors, saying thank you to loyal members of staff and introducing them to the beneficiaries of the charity's efforts: children, disadvantaged people.
Now imagine 240 such days during the year and the difference this could make to the charities concerned.

How are you going to raise £60m for a yacht?
By appealing to the people. This is THEIR appeal. All we can do is start it off but everybody in the UK and the Commonwealth - and indeed the world - has to do their bit to make this happen. It is a team effort.
All it takes is £1 from everybody in the UK - less than the cost of a card or bunting or the pint some of us will drink to Her Majesty's health over the Diamond Jubilee weekend.
We will be using Twitter and Facebook to spread the message, and hope that one or two celebrities will come forward and take the appeal under their wing.

Will the Yacht be custom-built for The Queen?
No. There is an existing Royal Yacht project (FSP21) with plans to design and custom-build a new Royal Yacht, which would take 3 to 4 years to build.
Our project is different: Our Queen is 86, Prince Philip is 90 - we would like them to enjoy a new yacht early next year. We are proposing to use the £60m raised to purchase one of the top 100 yachts in the world, with the right pedigree and preferably a self-made and charitable former owner.

Are you a Registered Charity?
The funds for the YACHT and NOT appeals were established under the Charities Aid Foundation (registered charity number 268369).
We came to them with the idea for this appeal, and they have been immensely helpful and supportive.
All funds raised during this appeal are safe in their accounts and can only be released at the end of the appeal to causes and charities nominated by HM The Queen.

Who is organising this appeal?
We are a group of ordinary people who believe in this idea. We know it is very ambitious. But we are attracting others like us who believe as passionately as we do that it is possible to make this appeal happen.
Our list of supporters will be updated shortly.

Why have we not heard of this appeal before?
The idea for this appeal was only conceived on 16th January 2012 when Michael Gove's idea for a new Royal Yacht funded (if necessary) by taxpayer money was roundly condemned in the press. We had never given a thought to the idea of a new Royal Yacht before, and did not even realise the Diamond Jubilee celebrations were coming up in 2012 (apologies to HM The Queen for this oversight).
But better late than never!

Why do you think you can succeed when politicians and the Palace have failed to make a yacht happen?
Every night we ask ourselves this question...
We live in an age of austerity. People are angered and embarrassed by the notion of Royalty, government ministers and business leaders sipping champagne on a taxpayer-funded yacht while the people of Britain are struggling.
But equally people can relate to the idea of a yacht that is used for charitable purposes, raising funds and awareness for charities that are struggling for donations as we all tighten our belts. A yacht that makes us proud of our Queen and the work she does for this country and for people less fortunate than her.
Such a yacht needs to come from the heart of the people in Britain and the Commonwealth - not the taxpayer.
Our hope is that we can spread this message.

How would such a yacht be used?
All this is still taking shape and would have to be agreed with the Palace and everybody involved. But we suggest 60 days exclusive use for HM The Queen and her family (one day for each year of her Jubilee), 240 days for the use of the charities she and the Royal Family are patron of, and the remaining 65 days shared for maintenance of the yacht, some corporate days and some days for the public (to help fund the running costs of the yacht and make the yacht self-financing)

What happens if you don't reach the £60m target?
All of the funds collected will be allocated to registered charities according to the wishes of HM The Queen

Do the Royal Household know about this appeal?
We have reached out to them. They seemed to be amused by our appeal. It will either fail pathetically (worthy of an entry in 'The Book of Heroic Failures') or it will be a resounding success.
We can assure them that the appeal will be done 'in the best possible taste'. We hope it will bring a smile to everyone's face.

Does HM The Queen know about this appeal?
We hope not. It is meant to be a surprise and a secret, and we hope that no-one from the Royal Household will tell her. Keep Ma'am!