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Daily Mail: All aboard for a UK flagship (18/07/12)

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A majestic national flagship to represent  Britain on the world's seas is a major step closer today. In a rare show of unity, both David Cameron  and Ed Miliband have given the project their wholehearted support. The Tory and Labour party leaders hailed the  new ship as an ambassador for UK trade as well as a 'university of the seas',  providing invaluable more...

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Telegraph: David Cameron and Ed Miliband show rare unity over UK flagship (19/07/12)

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David Cameron and Opposition leader Ed Miliband have united in backing plans   for a new national flagship. Both the Prime Minister and Labour leader have backed the £80 million   replacement for the Royal Yacht Britannia, which would be a seaborne   ambassador for the country. The project, which could be completed by 2016, would involve the construction   more...

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Commonwealth Flagship: A custom-built yacht to promote the Commonwealth

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The Commonwealth Flagship is an initiative by Ian Maiden with the purpose of encouraging trade and cooperation among Commonwealth countries. Please read more about this project on our Press more...

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